Call for Workshops

Workshops with a more focused scope will be held on August 14. Proposals should be submitted to the Workshops Chair, Federico Silla,

Proposals are limited to a 3-page description that should include the following:

  • A title, an abstract (400 words maximum), and a syllabus;
  • Discussion of the topic's relevance and workshop goals;
  • A description of the target audience;
  • An indication of half-day or full-day duration;
  • If applicable, details on previous instantiations of the workshop, including attendance numbers.

In addition to the 3-page description, please include the following:

  • A brief biographical sketch of each workshop organizer (2 pages per organizer).

Workshop proposals will be evaluated as they are received. Acceptance decisions will be made based on the proposal content and its relationship to any other workshop proposals that have been accepted or received at the time this proposal is received.

A single pdf file with all the material described above should be emailed to the ICPP2017 Workshops Chair, Federico Silla,

Workshop length will be determined based on the following policy:

  • Workshops that accept ten or more papers will be provided space for a full day program;
  • Workshops that accept seven to nine papers will be provided space for four and a half hours (not including breaks);
  • Workshops that accept five or six papers will be provided space for three hours (not including breaks);
  • Workshops that accept three or four papers will be provided space for a half hour per paper;
  • Workshops with fewer than three accepted papers will be canceled.

You are welcome to have a keynote talk, panel or demos in your workshop, but the number of sessions provided to your workshop will be based on the number of accepted papers. If your demos have full size papers associated with them that will be included in the proceedings, you can count them in accepted papers as well.

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