Keynote Lecture

43rd International Conference on Parallel Processing

(ICPP -2014)

Minneapolis, MN

September 11, 2014


"eBay Storage from Good to Great"


Speaker:  Farid Yavari

Sr. Storage Architect - Global Platform and Infrastructure (GPI)

eBay Inc.

Farid Yavari

Presentation Slides

Farid Yavari is the Sr. Storage Architect for Global Platform and Infrastructure at eBay. Farid’s decades of experience include architecting hyperscale storage solutions and deploying enterprise class data center infrastructure at scale. Farid has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1987, where he started off as an assembler language programmer. Over the years, Farid has been actively sharing his views and experience with his peers by participating in University events and industry forums. Farid and his team's involvement and contributions to the storage community has earned eBay a number of industry awards, and has established eBay as a technology leader and an industry influencer.

Abstract: "ebay has been influential in creating new storage technologies, and guiding the industry in adopting the concept of the Big-Data-Flash. During this talk we will explore the future of storage, get an insight into the challenges and opportunities ahead for the digital data center, and the exciting opportunities that present themselves as the result of changes in the way storage is deployed and consumed."